Our Offering

Our Offering

SIDDHIVINAYAK COMPUTERS Offers A Non Comprehensive Product Line From A Single Source

  • 7  Days Money Back Guarantee

    Our Money-Back Guarantee policy ensures your satisfaction. If the Technical Support could not perform in accordance to service specifications and you’re not completely happy with the service you’ve purchased, you can get a full refund within 30 days of initial registration..

  • Service Description

    Siddhivinayak Computers’s Certified Technicians can help with a variety of problems that you may be encountering. Our services are not just limited to troubleshooting your computer’s hardware and software issues. But we also carry in-depth analysis of the computer to ensure it gives optimal performance.

  • Remote Access Policy

    We understand that remote tech support enables lesser downtime and provides greater output from customer operations. Our proactive remote tech support initiatives make the end customers happy. We’re a global leader in remote tech support services enabling one in three Fortune 1000 companies transform their customer experience.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

    • CCTV Setup with Network.
    • Excellent chip level Repair facility at Our Lab.
    • In-house repair capability for almost all IT products.
    • Managing all repairs of various clients in-house.
    • Dedicated facility management and technical support team.
    • Expertise to manage and implement LAN and WAN solutions including wireless Technologies.
    • certified engineers.

  • Privacy Policy

    1) We do not collect any information about you from any other source.
    2) We do not mine any data from social media sites about you or your preferences.
    3) We do not track your browsing history nor do we try to analyze any such data when you avail our services..

  • Terms and Conditions

    if you accept this agreement, it will apply to all your service plans from us, including all your existing plans. your acceptance of these terms & conditions will be implied by the use of the Siddhivinyak Computers.